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Gaming Journalist Gazette Interviews - Participation

One aspect of the Gaming Journalist Gazette blog is for me to conduct interviews via email with various members of the Video Game Industry, fellow gaming journalists and even some gamers themselves. It is the intent of the Gaming Journalist Gazette to provide interaction and the freedom of expression in a setting that would resemble an "e-lounge" of sorts. The Gaming Journalist Gazette is intending to have a relaxing environment that allows the people I interview to provide insightful and informative thoughts, opinions and advice for those who are looking to get information on the industry.

For those of you who are interested in being interviewed by me, here is some information.

1) Send me an email request to be interviewed at and I will get back to you.

2) The interview will be done via email exchange and I will provide you a list of questions to answer. I promise I won't ask too many questions!

3) If you want to provide extra content for the blog, such as little known facts of the Video Game Industry, general comments, stories about your journey into the industry, etc., feel free to add such content after you finish answering questions or you can send it to me in a separate email.

4) If you like what you see in the Gaming Journalist Gazette, feel free to spread the word! Inform other members of the Video Game Industry of the Gaming Journalist Gazette's existence and let them know that I am willing to schedule interviews with them as well if they want to. For gaming journalists and gamers, feel free to do the same thing.

5) If you have any suggestions on how I can make this blog any better, let me know during our email exchanges. Thank you.

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