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The Gaming Journalist Gazette is run by Steven Vitte, an aspiring writer who has general knowledge on video games, a passion for learning how the process of game development is conducted, and a desire to one day enter the Video Game Industry. The author provides his opinions on varying topics that revolve around game development, the business of video games and the miscellaneous features of the industry that are noteworthy, and it is the author's intent to provide as much detail in his opinions as he can.

No longer speaking in the third-person perspective, I have the enthusiasm to learn more about how video games are made and I am eager to connect with people who are associated with game development. Networking with those who are already in the Video Game Industry is very important because it moves you forward to get into a position where you can be given opportunities to show what you can do. All dreams start somewhere and for me the dream started a few years back when I found out that I had great potential and skill in the field of general writing, as in basic journalism.

I have 3+ years of prior journalism experience as I wrote for a sports-themed blog called From The Bleachers. I was an official correspondent for my local baseball team and I wrote articles for that team on an almost daily basis. That experience was fun and it was the first experience that I had being in a position of responsibility. In this span of time I had the passion of a baseball fan to report on the sport that I had a particular interest in and it was an experience that changed my life in some ways. Interacting with others at the ballpark allowed me to expand my social skills and I made plenty of friends along the way. I got to take in the various stories that my friends told me concerning their careers in the business of baseball, their careers on the playing field, the general ballpark experience, and even miscellaneous stories that only friends can relate to.


It was during my time rooting for my local baseball team and reporting on them that I began to develop an interest in a different form of writing, and that would be writing for video games. I have always been a fan of video games and I do consider myself a gamer because I am always keeping up with the news regarding the industry. I am always keeping up to date on what is being introduced to the market, what new products are being showcased and what kind of impact certain game development strategies are having on both hardcore gamers and casual gamers. I love the concept of video games, I respect the history of video games and I am always looking for creative ways to possibly expand the boundaries of what can be properly implemented in a video game through my various trials in writing scripts.

Video games to me serve as an appropriate escape from the stress and pressure that everyday life throws at me. Playing games is fun but making games is a process that requires patience, understanding and the willingness to adapt. Playing a finished product of a video game is the result of the hard work that comes from the development team. I see video games as a challenge and I see video games as a tool of motivation. Once I pop in a game I want to feel challenged as long as the game isn't too easy nor too hard. I see video games as an interactive experience that lets the player use his or her imagination and interpret the world of the video game in whatever way the player wants. Video games allow the player to have the freedom of expression through the actions that are put on display in the game.

I am looking forward to making this blog stand out as a resource for interaction with people who are in the loop of the Video Game Industry and I appreciate all the help that I will receive from these people. I am in need of mentors who can help give me the lift that I am looking for so that I can make my way into the Video Game Industry. I write scripts and other stories because it relaxes me and I view writing in general as a necessary challenge. I want to make people happy with what I write. I want to put smiles on faces by sending messages through my storytelling and it is my hope that the audience will understand what those messages are. I want to entertain gamers with the unfolding of stories that allow them to become engaged with as intrigued spectators while they do what they do best and tear through the gameplay avenues of the game.

I hope you find the Gaming Journalist Gazette helpful and informative in some way. I hope you like what you read. I hope you can get a feel for the passion that I have for video games and I hope that this blog will be something that you will look forward to being updated. Thank you for viewing this little hub world of mine. I appreciate it.

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