Friday, July 21, 2017

Mario Gets Too Much of a Pass

I'd like to pull this above video out and have you guys listen to it. This video discusses why there seems to be an obvious bias in the way that some gaming media companies review certain games. When you go over the reviews of some games, don't you sometimes get the feeling that the reviews and the scores given to games are intentionally biased?

The prime example of there possibly being a game review bias: compare any platforming game against a Mario game. Many companies seem to be guilty of doing this. many companies appear so ready, willing and able to just automatically give Mario games high review scores right after they're released out to market, and when another platforming game comes out, whether it's Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ratchet & Clank or whatever, these same companies will view these games through a completely different lense.

Consider the remake of Crash Bandicoot that was released not too long ago. Check out the review scores of this trilogy collection from some of the big name gaming media companies. Check out IGN, GameInformer, GameSpot and others. Compare their reviews of Crash's original trilogy remake to that of recent Mario games. Does it feel like night and day to you at first glance?

I think it's important to note how game critics review games because we should pick up on the tendencies of these critics. We need to know whether or not a critic is being consistent with what he or she is saying about particular game genres, as well as the games themselves. If a critic isn't being consistent, then you know something is up. If a game critic is praising a certain game even though it's a hard game to master, but then turns around and bashes another game for being in the same ballpark of hard, then you know a certain agenda is being pushed.

I mean, there are different interpretations of a hard video game, but we shouldn't make the gap of these interpretations so gaping that it becomes difficult for readers to understand which kind of hard is acceptable and which kind of hard is unacceptable. That's why game reviewers need to describe what it is about a game that makes it so hard, and not just say "Oh, it's too hard for me to play!" Reviewers need to avoid being so vague as they write down their game reviews.

Back in the day only Nintendo Power (when it was still active) had the excuse of hyping up Mario games in their reviews because they exclusively promoted Nintendo products, so in their case it made sense. Nonetheless, if a game isn't up to par to the standards that its series intended it to be, you call the game out on it. You review that game accordingly, whether it's a Mario game or not.

I'm a firm believer in honest journalism. That's one reason why the Gaming Journalist Gazette blog exists. I'm here to give my readers honest journalism. I have to be honest about the games I play and the game news that gets announced. I have to present my honest opinions on gaming topics. I can't present something that I don't believe in. My honest opinions on games may not always be received well by people like game critics, but I write what I write, and that's that.

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