Friday, April 14, 2017

How Game Stories Are Made: A Writer's View

For those of view who are interested in getting the perspective of someone who has actually written for video games, you might want to click on the link above and listen to this podcast. Greg Buchanan is a writer for the game No Man's Sky and he shares his thoughts on topics related to game writing.

How game stories are made take different forms. We have known this fact for a while. The actions that players take during the course of gameplay will effect what they will do later on. Players need options. The options that a player is given depends on what genre of game a dev team is working on.

What Greg goes on to basically state here is that he's been given advice on how to proceed handling documents that tie in with games, and if you check out what No Man's Sky is all about as a game, you would know just how polished that game turned out to be. The key here is that as a game writer, you are being paid to give out advice in the form of dialogue. I thought that was an interesting way of putting it.

Every game story that you help make is a learning experience. Don't expect to make the same exact game story when you dig in. That's not gonna happen. As a writer you gotta be ambitious when you are given the kind of content the game dev team will allow you to have. You have to squeeze in the dialogue that's necessary. You have to put in the plot twists that are going to relate to gameplay elements.

Is there pressure on a writer whenever he or she works on a mainstream AAA level video game? How is that pressure compared to an Indie game? As Greg goes on to state, pressure comes in different forms. When making an Indie game right from scratch, guys like Greg have to wear more than one hat when making the game, so that's where anxiety could kick in. However, the positive experience that a dev gets from making an Indie game carries great value, and for a writer he or she can enjoy some more freedom in what is included in the game.

This podcast of The 1099 on SoundCloud is 1 hour long, so if you don't mind sitting back and relaxing while listening to video game-related discussions, then this is the podcast for you!

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