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GJG Game Review: Battlefield Hardline

This game did have potential...
For the first time in the history of the Gaming Journalist Gazette, I will be reviewing a game that is rated M for Mature! Now I'm clearly of the age where I can play M-rated games, but to be honest I have always gravitated toward the softer tone games like the T-rated and the E-rated games. The problem that I have with M-rated games has been the fact that the content such games contain don't really agree with me in one way or another.

Now here I will be reviewing Battlefield Hardline, a game in a series that has gained enough of a following that has had gamers talking about how flexible it is. When I say flexible, I mean the way that the games allow you to change things in mid stride as you play through the Campaign Mode. Battlefield is a Shoot 'em Up style of game, so if you like shooters, this may or may not be your cup of tea.

Controls - 17 out of 20 Points

The controls of this game were fluent and very easy to follow. It obviously helps when you have a directory of what the buttons do whenever you pause the game or whenever you get to a loading screen. Whenever I pressed a button, the actions of that button responded just the way it should. The responses I got from the buttons I pressed wasn't really the issue with me. Whenever I needed a button to come through in gameplay, it came through without experiencing any real problems.

The problem I had was really where the commands were assigned. I'm not really a fan of which button I had to press in order to fire a weapon. R2 for the PS4? I wouldn't think that would be the first ideal button you'd press if you wanted to fire your weapon of choice. I have always been more of a straightforward kind of guy, so if I were to have the main Playstation buttons act as a shooting button (X, O, Square or Triangle), then that would make a better transition for me while I play a game, but that is just a preference thing.

Story - 12 out of 20 Points

I found the overall story of Battlefield Hardline to be completely understandable. I totally got what the developers at EA were aiming for when they made this game's story. It can be compared to watching any rerun episode of  "Cops" on TV or watching a movie like Lethal Weapon. If you understand the basic principles between those examples, then you'll get what's going on in this game.

I did find it humorous how some of the plot elements were developed in this game. The formatting of how the characters of the story were introduced was interesting, and it could serve as a learning experience for any aspiring game dev. When playing through the Story Mode, or Campaign, of this story you may grow to like a few of the main protagonists of this game. On the flip side, some of you may grow to not stand a few of them as well. It depends on what kind of character you like in a game story.

Perhaps the main problem I had with this game's story was simply that it felt too "gritty" for my liking. I don't mind it when a game story gets rough and gritty, but there were a couple moments in this story where I felt like it went over the top. Sometimes too much of one thing isn't good.

Music - 18 out of 20 Points

I'm normally an easy customer when it comes to music in games. This game passed the Music Test. I had no problems with the music in Battlefield Hardline because the complete soundtrack captured the mood of the story it was trying to convey. The music fit the game's environment just right. I'm pretty sure EA did their homework when listening to soundtracks of popular crime drama shows and movies because this game's soundtracks sounded like they were inspired by popular media in some way.

Replayability Factor - 16 out of 20 Points

This is going to be a mixed bag of a game for you to handle if you're not really prepared for the "grittyness" of the main Campaign. I'm not saying that this is a bad game. No. This game handles very well and the gameplay segments are very fascinating to say the least. However, from a personal preference standpoint if you like something that isn't too dark in tone, I'm not sure if I can highly recommend Battlefield Hardline for you. 

I give this game the score of 16 in this category mainly because of its gameplay. It is actually very solid. If you like shooting style video games simply because they're shooting games, then you will probably like playing this game. The gameplay environment is exactly as it's advertised to be. You take on the role of a police officer and you go hunt down the bad guy criminals. If nothing else you will indeed get a kick out of the Multiplayer Mode that this game features, as it is a staple in any of the Battlefield series games.

Bonus Points - MINUS 3 Points

Let's play a game of "Good Cop, Bad Cop" for a second. I've been playing the Good Cop for this review up to this point, so now let me put on my Bad Cop hat. I simply hated this game's extensive use of foul language. I couldn't stand the use of vulgarity in Battlefield Hardline, which is a shame because I got used to the gameplay elements.

This is the core reason why I have a hard time recommending gamers playing this game for too long a time. In my case alone the way that the characters used foul language in their dialogue during scenes really brought down part of this overall gaming experience. It got harder for me to enjoy what I was doing because I had to listen to one character blurt out the F-Bomb, or worse, generally swear up a storm. It honestly got so bad for me that I simply hate to mute my TV for a few seconds in order to get past a moment of dialogue exchanges. When having a gaming experience, even for an M-rated game, it shouldn't come down to me having to do that.

I think this is the first time in the history of the Gaming Journalist Gazette that I've had to take away some points when reviewing a game. Once again, the general gameplay of Battlefield Hardline wasn't bad at all. However, the "little" things surrounding this game brought its appeal down for me.

Overall Score: 60 out of 100 Points (docked 3 Points)

60 out of 100 isn't exactly an appealing score, but I feel that it was necessary for me to rate this game that low. No, not because it was a bad game to play. The gameplay part of Battlefield Hardline is very much redeemable and I can get used to this style of play.

However, if you expect me to just sit there and accept a game for its extensive use of foul language and not raise any objection to it, then you are sadly mistaken. If anything some games even have an option where you can adjust the dialogue of their Story Modes so that you won't need to hear so much vulgarity. Some games definitely do this and it amazes me why Battlefield Hardline doesn't give you that option. Not every gamer who plays shooting games enjoys listening to characters swearing every few minutes. Maybe more research and surveys oughta be taken before freely plugging vulgarity into games?

Also the gritty nature of the Story Mode in Battlefield Hardline felt like it was a bit too much at some points. At times I felt like I was given a break from the grittyness, but at other times I felt like I was trapped and forced to witness a bizarre comedy of errors committed by people who, in real life, would get drug busted in the most unflattering, non-funny way.

I suppose there's a reason why I haven't really gotten used to M-rated video games. Perhaps it's because game dev teams take the liberty of making these games so outrageous by M-rated standards that it starts missing the point of what makes a game an enjoyable experience? Maybe gamers enjoy the real grit of such games and don't mind the things that I mark as negatives, but not all gamers share the same opinions.

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