Tuesday, March 28, 2017

American Midwest's Game Dev Campaign


When you read the Gaming Journalist Gazette you will know that I make references to the American Midwest. This is because that I am based in the American Midwest region, and particularly in the state of Ohio. I am happy to say that the American Midwest is a growing market in the field of game development. It has made great strides in becoming one of the talked about regions in the United States that supports and promotes game development, and little by little you read more updates about new and interesting games that are being made in the Buckeye State.

When clicking on the above link to read this article on a game dev friend of mine I have gotten to know, Jarryd Huntley, I want to point your attention to some of the points that are made in this article. First off taking advantage of your location's resources would really help you get a leg up on projects that you set out to to do. As I've mentioned before on this blog, it doesn't matter where exactly you live. You can either be in the big city like New York or you can live just outside Boise, Idaho. If you have the passion for doing this and you know you can assemble a team of game devs to make something cool, then just go ahead and do it!

Less than a day's drive to around 40% of the entire United States... Did you catch that part? Ohio is a centralized location, meaning that it can gather resources from abroad in a fairly easy manner. This also means that Ohio game devs can have access to other devs from other parts of the country, whether out west to Texas and California or out east to New York or Massachusetts. Interaction between developers in Ohio and other states happens more often than one might think.

Making friends in the Gaming Industry isn't too hard in this day and age considering all the tools we have on the internet. Once you establish a dialogue with someone who shares the same passion as you do, in making games, it becomes easier to understand what you are aiming to do in a project. Staying consistent with what you do will help going forward. Maintain the key contacts that will help you progress your projects and you will start seeing results.

Consider the Cleveland, Ohio area alone where Jarryd Huntley calls home. Cleveland Game Developers was a group that started out with 20 members. Now it has over 200 members. It is easy why the number of members has grown. Sharing that passion to make something cool out of a game has made a difference between all these members.

Another honest point to make here; while California is a beautiful scenery of a state, it is incredibly challenging economically for game devs to keep a hold on any territory in the Golden State. More often than not we see game companies come in and go out of California equally. Whereas the Buckeye State of Ohio has its perks economically in comparison. Significantly lower cost to maintain your own game dev base? Who would say no to saving money in a business as fun as this one?

The American Midwest's Game Development Campaign is still in its young years, but as you can see with various reports this region is becoming a budding part of the Gaming Industry for the right reasons. There's more to game development than taking that golden ticket and going to California or New York. In the geographic sense the landscape of the Gaming Industry is changing.

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