Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Starting with an Idea and a Vision


I am now going to explain how important a place like this one in the link is. What is this place? It is called The Idea Foundry. This place is located in Downtown Columbus, Ohio and it has served as the meeting spot for many aspiring game devs in the Columbus area for the past year of 2016.

Yours truly has been going up to this place for a while now, and each time I have been there I have managed to get something out of it. I have managed to collect my thoughts better while interacting with other game devs while gathering new information on what needs to be in the game dev field. It's a good and refreshing experience for one who wants to know more and do more in a field that he or she is passionate in. If you love to make games, or you at least want to get started doing that, and you live close enough to Columbus, then I encourage you to make the trip over to West State Street in Columbus for these meetups!

The importance of a place like The Idea Foundry simply can't be understated. Without the valuable information most game devs cherish, it will be difficult to get off the ground and running with your own game dev project. You not only need the connections to make your project a reality, but you also need to view other projects for what they are. You have to study and examine what other game devs are doing, even if you are not helping them in their projects. With your own two eyes you need to be able to see what exactly it takes for a game dev to be a game dev. Don't just view the available game dev knowledge, take in that knowledge and apply it to your own project.

Starting with an idea and a vision is crucial. To make a game you need to know where your starting point is. You need to have an idea of where you want to take your game project. You need to have backup plans for editing your project. You need to have a long-reaching vision of what you want your project to become down the road in the future. You need to know how to go through the process of making a game and you need to know how to finish the project strong.

The Idea Foundry is a helpful outlet for aspiring game devs to say what is on their minds, and how they feel about game development itself. When it's your turn to take the floor and explain away what makes your game project what it is, you make that time yours and you get other people emotionally invested in that project.

Sharing ideas and expression a vision for a project you have in mind is one way other game devs can get a better feel for what you value in game development. We all have our own strengths when it comes to the game dev process. We excel in certain areas and we have challenges in other areas. We will all view projects out of different lenses. The point behind collaborating with other people to get a project off the ground is to establish that common ground of what everybody as a team wants to get done. "Hey, this is our goal and we're gonna meet it. We're going to hit these targeted themes and we're going to use these elements to make this game awesome!"  That's just how a game dev team thinks.

I am thankful for an outlet like The Idea Foundry because years down the road from now I can see where this place can take the game development scene in Columbus, and all throughout the state of Ohio as a whole. With places like Chicago, Illinois and Austin, Texas being fairly quiet in the game dev scene (though I'm sure devs are still doing things in those places), it would make sense for Columbus, Ohio to make its move and do some positive things in the Gaming Industry so that it can be mentioned along with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, etc. as a game dev hot spot.

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