Monday, February 20, 2017

GJG Blog Interview #10 - Charles Thomas

The Gaming Journalist Gazette is a platform for anyone who is associated with any part of the Video Game Industry, and it's not just for game developers who are running companies. This interview is a unique one because these answers come from a passionate gamer, a guy who just loves to play video games. I think it's important to get the perspective of a gamer and understand what he thinks where video games are going. 

This interview is with Charles Thomas, who is better known by his YouTube username Dukect. I have followed Charles for some time now, probably a few years, and I have valued his opinions on video games and other topics that I'm interested in. Charles hosts his own podcast called the Dukect Lounge where he discusses the hot topics going around in entertainment media. You can listen to the Dukect Lounge on the 2nd link above, which takes you to his TalkShoe page. Plus, feel free to call in during the Lounge to chat with Dukect!

Steven Vitte:
1) How did you first get into video games? How long have you been a gamer? 

Charles Thomas: How did I get into video games? Well I started back when I was 3 years old playing on an NES with my older brother and I haven't stopped since as I played many game systems from the nes to the Wii U so I've been playing games for a long while with not only my older brother but also the rest of my family.

2) What are your thoughts on gaming conventions? How important are conventions?

Charles: My thoughts on Gaming conventions I really enjoy them as it fun to meet with and network with people and to find some games that would cost a little more on amazon. And, also the one thing about conventions is that they must be competently run or you might have dashcon on your hands and no one wants that.

3) How important are "Let's Plays" on YouTube and other video sharing sites, in your opinion?

Charles: I enjoy let's plays as its good for Walkthough's for the game but also having introducing interesting facts on how the game was made and sometimes the culture of the game is made. I do see some of the issues of lets plays of games like the Telltale Games like the Walking dead as they see their games as more like movies or TV series and worry about their story being spoiled and I do see that point but in my humble opinion lets play's have done more good then harm as they have brought more eyes to games that most people that never would have heard of.

4) Have you had ideas for making your own video game? If so, what kind of game would you make?

Charles: I did have an idea of a Sonic and Mario proper crossover once upon a time but I don't think that game would be made anytime soon so yeah.

5) Is it fair to compare video game writing to that of storytelling in pro wrestling? (This topic intrigues me.)

Charles: While they are some comparisons to make with pro wrestling writing and video game writing. The use of simple storytelling using good guys and bad guys and having the good guy win in the end. But the difference of right now between them is that video games writing leaves you with a sense of completion an enjoyment when you finish the game while right now in the WWE most of the storylines they put out there when its done leaves you in a bad mood or just confusion.

6) What are your thoughts on the current generation of gaming consoles?

I haven't really played the Xbox one or PS4 yet but from what I've seen from the games it looks like I'm not missing much. Recently I've gotten a new PC graphics card that can play the newer games on my PC without getting an Xbone or a PS4. So yeah I'm not that big in the console scene at the moment but I will get the Nintendo switch when it's available as I still care about most of their 1st party games

7) What do you feel the Gaming Industry is lacking right now? And what is the Gaming Industry doing right, in your opinion?

Charles: One of the main things lacking in the gaming industry right now is depth and that missing depth is gameplay and different types of games it just seems that most games right now are just blurring in with each other nothing really standing out but that's just the triple A game makers but where is the diversity of games is in the indy games and that's what's missing from most if not all Triple A game makers and games right now and if I had the power I would try to fix that by letting developers more freedom to make their own games like Dice in making Battlefield 1 and you can see how much they loved making that game while you play it.

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