Friday, January 13, 2017

The Scoop on Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution

An animated take on the French Revolution, which is historically inaccurate since we're dealing with squirrels, Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution has just been reviewed by as the site provides its take on what they saw when they played a little bit of this game. While I can't provide my opinion based on gameplay since I haven't played it yet, I can tell my blog readers that I think we're in for a good treat with this game.

If you dig up one of my older blog posts on the Ouya gaming experience, you will notice that I mention the prototype version of Acorn Assault quite a bit, and for good reason. I knew even back then how good of a concept High Tale Studios had when they created Acorn Assault. Not many Turn-Based Strategy Games can hold my attention and interest, and when this game came around in its limited Ouya form, I couldn't help but get hooked. An animated battle featuring squirrels? How could you say no to something as humorous as that?

On January 11, 2017 Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution was officially released for the Xbox One, and therein lies the only problem on my end. I love playing a game like this, BUT I don't happen to own an Xbox One right now. I don't have the economics to buy an Xbox One, so I'm hoping that either AA:RR will be released on the Sony Playstation 4 (a console I do own) soon, or I will have to really save up money to buy an Xbox One, and then this game.

Despite my personal catch-22 situations, I am encouraging my blog readers to go out and buy AA:RR for their Xbox One consoles. If you are in need of a laugh and a laid-back feel good time while blowing up things with bombs and taking out opposing squirrels, then this game is certainly for you!

Observing the review scores from, I believe that AA:RR should get a higher overall score than a 7. Just by going off first impressions, and by watching some gameplay on live streaming (Twitch), I have to say that AA:RR's overall score should be bumped up to at least an 8.75, or somewhere around there. I put emphasis on "at least" because I think I will end up playing hours of this game and enjoying its gameplay experience whenever I get my hands on it.

What I like about the Campaign Mode of AA:RR right away is the difference in play that separates AI opponents. Each opposing AI squirrel comes with a different challenge for you as Charles Montisquirrel to overcome. For example, the battlefields will be different in each battle, meaning that you can place squirrels in certain squares where other squares will be blocked by big rocks or obstacles placed down by the opponent.

Plus, the story progression of the Campaign Mode, as silly and humorous as it is, appears to be very solid. You get to advance from the Tax Man to the Castle Guard, and then you get acquainted with squirrel royalty. The story itself appears to be engaging, keeping you motivated to play through the Campaign Mode and find out what will unfold.

What are you waiting for? Don't go nutty and buy yet another First-Person Shooter or RPG! This game is worth getting, and there ain't nothing nutty about that!

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