Monday, January 9, 2017

GJG Blog Interview #7: Kris Jones - Play Legit

One of the groups I came in contact with while I was at GDEX 2016 in Columbus, Ohio happened to be Play Legit, a group made up of gamers who are passionate about what they report on and what they discuss. You can check out their website, which is linked below, and you will be amazed by the amount of content they have on that site. These guys will review and comment on just about any gaming-related topic out there! Solid and awesome content!

I had a fun time playing with one of the Play Legit members at GDEX, and I hope that I will get to see Play Legit again at a COGG meetup (Multivarious Games) or something. I share the same feeling that Columbus gamers should stick together and help the Central Ohio gaming community expand into something that's helpful, informative, and most importantly become an enjoyable environment for those even outside the Midwest U.S.

Kris Jones: Hey It's KJ, Founder and CEO of Play Legit.
Steven Vitte: 1) Play Legit has been around for a while. How did the idea of Play Legit come about?

Kris Jones: I would send loud audio messages to my friends over Xbox Live (The 360 Years) giving quick 30 second reviews to anyone who would listen.  The responses were pretty awesome, with people telling me I should take this further.  So I started doing Video Reviews, random articles, everything just started to come together.

2) What kind of gaming events does Play Legit often show up at? Any differences between these events? (conventions, hang outs, meetings, etc.)

We Try to go to as many as possible.  Mo Chocolate represented us at last year's E3, and The Playstation Experience.  Ms. Throwback attended Gen Con 2016, and Koerri is going to the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. Since some of us are out-of-state, we're able to have a presence at more events. We frequent various anime cons also. Each place is filled with players just looking to have a great time. Chill vibes all around.

3) You guys are based in Columbus, Ohio. What is the gaming scene like in the Columbus area? How do you feel has Central Ohio's gaming communities progressed?

The scene is larger than ever. You can find Indie studios making great strides, bringing their unique concepts to the people. The increasing number of Barcades in town is a plus. Mom and pop gaming stores are all over. Plenty of opportunities to enjoy the old school and new culture of gaming. I think it's going to get even bigger.

4) How important are events like GDEX (formerly Ohio Game Developers Expo) and what do they do for Columbus?
It's big for the city, state, and industry as a whole. Indie developers are vital to the future of gaming. Any function that brings great individuals and ideas into one building is welcomed in my mind.

5) How do you feel about mainstream gaming right now? (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U/Switch)
I see it taking turn for the better. With legitimate VR titles emerging, AR gaming, and Nintendo's Switch forwarding the console experience on the go, things look good in my opinion. 

6) How do you feel about indie games? What are some of the best indie games you've played? 

Indie gaming ensures fresh ideas remain in the industry.  I'm a big fan of Hotline Miami. The 80's presentation caught my eye immediately. Tough gameplay with a stellar soundtrack. A more recent one i've been playing is Superhot. Part FPS/Puzzler while excelling at both. 

7) What advice have you received from other gaming media platforms? What advice can you give to gamers who aspire to get into gaming media?

I say give your honest opinion on a game, despite the hype train it might be riding on. Real opinions will hold more weight. Also Make sure to come up with original content on your platform to accompany the gaming press people expect. Keep that one-two punch of truth, and don't let anyone stop you. Real Talk. Thanks for the interview!

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