Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting Rid of Affiliates and Affiliate Deals Tabs

Affiliate Marketing: Not as easy as it sounds
On behalf of the Gaming Journalist Gazette I have an announcement to make, and this is regarding a couple of tabs that you have seen at the top of this blog. Specifically the "Affiliates" and "Affiliate Deals" tabs are the core focus of this blog post. I believe I have given it more than enough time for me to possibly make some additional revenue via the affiliate deals that I have listed in these tabs, but the unfortunate fact of the matter is this. These methods of making additional revenue simply aren't working in my case. 

The announcement that I'm making here is that come around Spring 2017 I will be officially closing (deleting) my "Affiliates" and "Affiliate Deals" tabs, and there's a great chance that I won't be bringing these tabs back to the blog. At first this was a tough decision to make, but looking at this extensively, I really have no problem making this move. 

I have to consider a few things going forward with the GJG. First off I wasn't making any money whatsoever before I introduced the Affiliates and Affiliate Deals tabs (No thanks to Google Adsense, which only rewards bloggers like me as little as $0.04...), and secondly, it has become apparent that with my imbalanced blog posting schedule that took root in 2016, there was no realistic way of me retaining these tabs even if I tried.

I still believe that affiliate marketing in general still serves a noble purpose, and I understand the concept of it. However, for someone like me who hasn't gotten anything from it, I have to ask myself "Is it worth keeping around?" It was easy for me to answer "No" to that question.

To make this long story short, I am finding ways to make money, albeit little by little. I don't need to worry about the affiliate deals I was trying to offer because they just weren't anything that were appealing to you guys, my readers of the blog. Everything will be fine on my end, and if anything I can find myself being more productive staying on the course that I've put in front of myself, just being a writer and a hopeful game dev. So that's basically it, the ending of one chapter and the start of another in the story of the Gaming Journalist Gazette blog.

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