Monday, December 26, 2016

How Often Do You Game?

How often do you game?

 It's a simple question I'm sure many gamers have been asked. I was thinking of what blog entry to end the slow year of 2016 with, and I figured that this would be the right topic to discuss. Time. How much time do gamers really have to play video games? How much time do gamers prefer to have? How much time do they realistically have? How important of a topic is this? 

Well, there are reasons why we have different segments of gamers in our community. You have your Hardcore Avid Gamers who play video games for 40-50 hours a week, spending half the day on many days of the week. You have your Semi-Hardcore Gamers who play video games for 10-15 hours a week, still a good amount of time to play. Then you have your Casual Gamers who don't really have a lot of time on their hands, but when they can, they end up playing somewhere below 10 hours a week. 

It's kinda hard to pinpoint how many hours of playing games would classify one gamer as a Hardcore Avid Gamer, a Semi-Hardcore Gamer or a Casual Gamer. It really doesn't matter how many hours per week you log in to play video games. Being a gamer is a subjective topic to talk about in general. We all go on our own schedules because those schedules work for us. I also find it interesting just how knowledgeable of the Gaming Industry each type of gamer actually is. 

There is a scenario where in a single room you can have a Hardcore Avid Gamer (45 hours of playing), a Semi-Hardcore Gamer (12 hours), and a Casual Gamer (4 hours) sitting around and discussing the Gaming Industry, and then you find out that the Casual Gamer actually knows quite a bit about the Gaming Industry, though he or she doesn't play games a whole lot. Though the Hardcore Avid Gamer may compete in regularly scheduled competitions, he or she may need to do more studying on the Gaming Industry. This kind of scenario does occur.

I suppose that going by this I'd classify myself as a Casual Gamer. If I'm fortunate I will have a couple of hours to myself playing video games per week, but things have to go right with me during that week. Nevertheless I do have that passion of keeping up to date with the workings of the Gaming Industry. I am always fascinated by what I learn and read about concerning this industry. Video games in one way or another have always appealed to me. I want to stay in the gaming loop in any way that I can.

Just because a gamer doesn't spend a super duper amount of time playing video games doesn't mean that he or she doesn't like video games. I take a great chunk of my inspiration for creativity from video games. Earlier this decade in the 2010's I would write multiple custom stories that revolved around --surprise-- video games. The love for how a video game works is clearly here on the Gaming Journalist Gazette.

If I had more time, more content to choose from and more money, would I opt to play more video games? Of course. Would I like to spend more hours playing video games? Certainly. I guess that's part of the reason why blog posts have been slower to make here on the GJG in 2016. My time has become limited. The resources I have are not at an optimum level. Money? Let's not even start with that.

I would like to know out of the readers who visit this blog, which of you play video games a ton? Which of you play for some hours? Which of you are like me, Casual Gamers? On behalf of the GJG I'd like to wish you all well for the next year of 2017!

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