Monday, November 28, 2016

The Pedestrian: Why It Makes Sense

I have mentioned this game demo the past 2 Columbus, Ohio gaming conventions I've been to, but now I think I should be a little bit more in depth when I discuss this. What is this? This is The Pedestrian, a game that originates from a very simple idea that comes across as very effective and appealing. As you can see in the GIF above, you can tell that the character you control is a street sign stick figure dude and you go through all sorts of obstacles and puzzles in order to reach your destination.

I have played this demo twice at the OGDE/GDEX in Columbus, and both times I came away very satisfied playing it. As you can tell from the YouTube video you're about to watch, a popular YouTuber named Markiplier provides his seal of approval of this game as well. At fist when you start playing The Pedestrian, you don't really have high expectations because of its simple concept, but after you dig into this for a few minutes you will realize just how brilliant this simple concept actually is.

I do somewhat echo Markiplier's comment when he says that Skookum Arts, the game dev team behind this concept, may have stumbled upon something very new and unique when it comes to game development. The platforming genre of gaming is in need of more variety, and I think adding this kind of game could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Pedestrian is a concept that works, and it makes sense. Why is this the case? It makes sense because you have a stick figure who is just trying to get out of a maze. You have this guy who is trying to get his way out of a busy city scene and just wants to make it back home. It's a simple concept that anyone can understand. With the resources this game has, the amount of fun you can have will be much more than what you are expecting. This is a game that makes you think, but the solutions to all the puzzles are not so super difficult that you'll wind up frustrated. You will not get a negative feeling when playing The Pedestrian.

Good news to report from this is that Kickstarter efforts by Skookum Arts have succeeded, as in this project has been greenlit, and The Pedestrian is due for a full game release sometime in the 1st Quarter of 2017. If you haven't tried the free 10 minute demo yet, you should go ahead and play the demo, and if you are thinking about getting the full game of The Pedestrian, just get it. There's no need to hesitate about this game here.

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