Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gamers Can Be Anyone!

Simply put, gamers can be anyone! Okay, that's the shortest article ever written by me! A job well done!

In all seriousness let's talk discuss this topic. What do we mean when we say that gamers can be anyone? I am highlighting the link above for a reason. The link will send you to a YouTube channel that is run by a passionate gamer, but he isn't just any ordinary gamer. In fact this guy happens to have a great well-paying job in one of the most recognizable companies in the world.

Austin Creed, or you can call him by his ring name Xavier Woods,  happens to be a professional wrestler, or technically a "sports entertainment superstar". Creed works for the WWE by night grappling and striking with the best in the wrestling business while he entertains the crowds that attend the shows and those that watch on TV or via the WWE Network app. What becomes obvious when you watch his content on YouTube, however, is that he loves to play video games and he certainly loves to talk about video games.

UpUpDownDown provides a unique look into the WWE Superstars you normally see in the ring either playing their favorite video games or playing video games just for the sake of taking on a challenge. The fun and friendly gaming competitions held on UpUpDownDown give viewers a different entertainment outlet while they will learn something new and interesting about their favorite wrestlers.

Even if you're not on the UpUpDownDown channel, you will inevitably come across Creed playing video games in other gaming competitions, such as ones held at gaming conventions. The fact is that Creed is a gamer and he loves spending time playing video games. While we may not exactly understand how his traveling lifestyle in the WWE works (WWE Superstars travel all the time, by the way), we are able to understand his enthusiasm for video games, and that's what makes UpUpDownDown click with many viewers.

What do we mean when we say gamers can be anyone? We mean that gamers can be pro wrestlers like Austin Creed, but we also mean that gamers can be movie and TV show celebrities, painters, comic book artists, bestselling novelists, singers..... and the list goes on. Perhaps some of your local firefighters and police officers love to play vintage video games and you may not know it yet? That is a possibility.

Mainstream video games have existed since the start of the 1980's, so it should come as no surprise that many people would grow up with video games and hang around video games even after they obtain a profession that they really want to do. If you need a list of the wide variety of people who play video games, then here's a short list.
^ Stephen Georg - Daily Vlogger and popular YouTuber who loves video games
Vin Diesel - Actor
Olivia Munn - Actress
Michael Phelps - Pro Swimmer
John Cena, Allen Neal Jones (AJ Styles) - Pro Wrestlers

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