Monday, August 8, 2016

Punchy Business: Meetup Presentation

Saturday August 6, 2016 was a pretty important date for me as I, along with good friends Peter Kirk and Justin Yeagler of indy dev team Sketchy Games, presented what turned out to be a good chunk of our mobile game project Punchy Business. Most of what was presented was finished aside from finishing touches. It was quite an experience for me to put on a presentation because previously I had never done it with a team, and I gotta say that it felt great to finally present something that I know I worked on.

I think for the most part our presentation resonated well with folks who attended The Idea Foundry in Columbus, Ohio, although it was pretty hot on this day. The summer weather hasn't been so cooperative many times this year, but that's another story. Anyway I believe Punchy Business was received well and I think people really liked the concept of what we were attempting to achieve. One of the organizers of the meetup group told me that we did a phenomenal job showing the features of our demo.

It would have been nice to complete the demo, but from what we achieved I came away feeling very encouraged about the entire process, and knowing that we all gained a learning experience from this 2 month trial, we are aiming at finishing what we started. I believe in finishing what I start, and come 2017 (sometime) I promise you, the readers of the Gaming Journalist Gazette blog, that you will get to view and play the finished product, depending on if you're in the Columbus, Ohio area to start.

I've made it known on this blog that it has been a looooong journey for me as a writer to get my foot in the door and work on a game development project of any sort, and yeah, my eyes lit up once I got the green light to finally work on something like Punchy Business.

Platforming/Fighting merged together to make a unique gaming genre... That's basically the gist of Punchy Business. You start out platforming, and then you work your way to the fight. You collect cherries for health, a boomerang as a weapon, ring bells to help fill your Momentum Meter, my little invented feature, and you punch your way to victory. It's really a simple concept, but implemented in a way different than what gamers are accustomed to seeing.

This is only the beginning, fellow gamers. I've never been closer to realizing my dream of releasing a mobile game, and my creative juices are flowing again at a time when I really need those juices to flow. Exciting times are just around the corner, and I hope that you guys will join me on this interesting wild ride.

Until next time, mate, keep them punches flyin'! [/Australian accent]

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