Sunday, July 17, 2016

Punchy Business Update: Close But Not Quite

Contact me at if you're interested in helping me finish this demo!
Update: Here is the anticipated (depending on how my readers will follow this) update on my custom game project titled "Punchy Business". I am very pleased to report that a ton of progress has been made on this demo, bringing to life many of the aspects that I had envisioned this custom game idea to have. In just 1 tutorial style level Punchy Business proposed to have this boxing kangaroo character be the main protagonist and go through a platforming style level. Once he completed this platforming part he'd go straight into the fight, a setup similar to that of Mike Tyson's Punch Out but with a few obvious differences, against a protagonist, an intimidating tiger. 

The email update sent to me by Peter Kirk below basically highlights the entire development process of this demo in just the short 6 weeks it took. As you know game development is a learning process that takes time to get fully acquainted with, and throughout this development process we all had the opportunity to work out the things that made sense to implement, and what features really weren't necessary to implement. As a game dev you will face this often. What can you do? What can't you do? What fits with the proposed deadline? What doesn't fit? 

In summary the demo for Punchy Business is essentially around 90% finished, with the artwork and animation not completely implemented. The game mechanics are in place and the sound is where it should be, but the art is the only missing piece from making this 100% complete. 

After reading the below email and taking the entire experience in, how do I feel about how I handled this project? I believe that for the most part I did everything I could to help the game dev team out. I felt like when I needed to provide my creative input fon pressing issues, I did just that. I wasn't super hands on as a creative lead, but that has never been in my game dev structure. I'm more of a guy who relies on teamwork and lets the team do their thing. I'm more like a "player's coach" if I can use a sports analogy. 

As for the future of Punchy Business, I have absolutely NO plans of canceling this project. I have made it too far with the development of this demo to just pull the plug on it. Ideally I'm not one to quit so easily. Like a boxer I like to get back up and go back to punching away. I believe in finishing what I start, and this project will be no different. I want to see to it that this Punchy Business demo gets 100% finished and then released out to gaming communities. 

If you are a game dev and you're interested in helping me finish this demo, please contact me at and we'll have conversations at any time. Thank you!

Hey Steven,
I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you. I just wanted to have everything finalized before I gave you the rundown of how everything stands.
So, the fact is that we were unable to complete the project. Functionality and sound elements are all there, but the art is not. I believe I am at fault for giving Justin so much animation work despite his inexperience along with not managing his progress well enough. For that, I apologize. I wanted our team to complete the project in the allotted time, but we have failed. I am immensely sorry.
I realize we had not decided on a contingency plan for what happens if the game is not finished. If this were paid work, my team would either return some of the investment or put in overtime to get the game finished. This is unpaid, and essentially a trial run for us all. Therefore, we’ll be staying consistent to our model and moving onto our next project after a short break. Justin is burnt out and needs to refocus.
As it stands, the project is essentially the same as the one you last played. I’d suggest downloading the latest version just in case. This project contains art that doesn’t fall under creative commons so a release is impossible. It IS fine for you to share this game with anyone, including to present it at the COGG meetup as a demo, if you desire. We will maintain the source code, so if you find another team who wants to continue from our work or you wish to hire us for another project, just contact me. If you’re looking to use our work for a release, we’ll discuss matters of compensation when the time arises. Know that we will not use you IP for any of our future projects without permission. This does not include the technologies we created in making this game. If you feel that we are in breach of that, please, let me know so we can rectify the problem.
I want to thank you for the opportunity to try to make your IP come to life. It has been a valuable learning experience not only based on your designs, but also with working for a third party. I believe that we will be able to take what we learned and apply it to future projects, enhancing our potential.
I hope this experience has been a positive one for you as well. You put in a lot of work creating and editing the GDD and that’s the reason we were able to work so smoothly and without having to call on you daily. I hope this experience aids you in your future endeavors.
*Whew* I think that’s everything! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.
I wish you the best,

Peter Kirk
Studio Head, Programmer
Sketchy Games

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