Sunday, June 12, 2016

Punchy Business: Project Update

Ready for a good punch, mate?

On behalf of the Gaming Journalist Gazette blog I have great news to report regarding a custom project of mine I reported on here in 2014. As of May 2016 official work has been put in for Punchy Business, my custom game idea about a boxing kangaroo who goes through a platforming stage and then competes in a boxing match against a boss! What this means is that Othello Whack will see the light of day in a demo presentation of Punchy Business!

This announcement comes as a great relief for me because I finally found a team of game devs who were willing to take on this project. I really appreciate the help that this team, called Sktechy Games, have given me so far in helping out and forming what I envision this project to be. While I can't reveal what's exactly going to be shown in this demo, because I want to keep that stuff a secret, I can tell you readers that you will have something very interesting to play once the finished product is out. I certainly hope that once you guys try out this demo you will take away a positive feeling about it.

Having Punchy Business finally being worked on is not only a dream come true for me, but I guess it also signals another turn in my journey as an aspiring script writer for video games and related content. This is a significant turn for me because for many years I haven't had the opportunity to implement what I was looking for in a game idea, and now finally in 2016 I'm getting that opportunity, and needless to say, I am very happy about this.

These guys that make up the Sketchy Games dev team are a group of talented guys who love doing what they do, making demos on tight schedules and making something that gamers will enjoy. I have had some phone conversations with these guys and we have been helping each other out in fleshing out what needs to be included in the level design and what needed to be cut. It was a very refreshing experience to go through all the details of the level design and to pick apart what needed to be done to make this demo level go. Studying up on game development for years, for me to go through at least part of the development process was very helpful for me.

So there's not much else to report other than I'm very happy to be finally getting something off the ground. I do wish to take this Punchy Business demo and show it off to gaming communities in Ohio and abroad (if possible), and I'd like to get feedback from gamers as to what they think of it. This is an exciting time to be a game dev and I'm going to embrace it 100%, that's for sure! I will keep you guys updated on this!

POW! Connects with the left hook!

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