Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ouya: Months Later

Remember when I said that I wouldn't be discussing any more Ouya games? Well, considering that I don't have much to discuss these days in the gaming world (partly because my time is limited), I figured that I'd make an exception to that rule and discuss Ouya games at least one more time here on the Gaming Journalist Gazette.

I got around to actually playing on the Ouya microconsole after going on a hiatus from it, and I did manage to find a few interesting games that I wanted to play. Busted is a game that will kinda remind you of racing/pursuit games like Crazy Taxi or even Grand Theft Auto, but of course it's toned down for the sake of being a demo. The object of Busted is to collect the most money while staying mobile. That in itself may sound easy, but the catch is that you don't have any control as to how fast your getaway care is going. Therefore you can only steer left and right, and all you can do is hope that your car doesn't strike any other car. You have to keep moving or else the cops will catch you. The longer you stay moving on the road, the higher score you will obtain.

Bloo Kid 2 is probably an indie project that you have already heard of, but if not, I'll get to the meat and potatoes of it. If you liked the old school 2D side-scrolling "Collect-athon" style video games back in the day, then I think you will get a kick out of Bloo Kid 2, for the most part. It provides a simple setup that would remind anyone of the old Super Mario Bros. games, encouraging you to collect as many items (mainly stars but also a random balloon at the end of each level) as possible to get a better overall score. The controls of this game are great and easy to memorize. There are jumps and Double Jumps to perform and there are plenty of platforming challenges that are worth getting into and just having fun with.

No Plumbing Required was recently released on the Ouya and the Forge TV microconsole (a device I refuse to get for the reasons why the Ouya ended up fizzling out), and it turns out that this game was very interesting. It had a unique pay mechanic where it was a cross between the original Super Mario Bros. arcade game and the special stage of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 where you had to do some rotating pinball action. If you leaned your character towards one side of the stage here in No Plumbing Required, gravity would shift toward that side. Lean too far toward one side and it becomes very difficult to straighten out the stage.

Amazed is a step above games like Tetris in the sense that you are controlling 2 "laser balls" and you are guiding them through separate mazes, one maze on the left and the other on the right. You are controlling these 2 balls at the same time, which means that if even one ball goes off one grid, you have to start over for both. There are also red walls that will block the progression of the balls, which can help in adjusting the coordination of both as you guide them to green squares. The green squares are the goals you need to reach in order to solve a puzzle. Amazed is a very creative and thought-provoking gameplay experience.

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