Thursday, January 14, 2016

Game Writing: Of Course I Can Do It!

I just wanted to stop by this old familiar blog and say "hello" again to my readers. I wanted to give you guys a link to yet another encouraging article of how to get into the Gaming Industry as a game writer. This article is well written and it does give you some insight as to what game development companies are looking for when it comes to your worth as a writer.

The thing is I've already known most of these things that were mentioned in this article, and as you can tell, things still haven't panned out for me as far as obtaining that first real chance of writing for a video game.

Keeping this blog entry short, because I don't need to explain again why I feel this way, I will summarize by saying that yes, I can do the job. Yes, I can write for video games if I was ever given the chance to be a part of a game development team's project. I have presented my case of why I should be a game writer right now all throughout this blog, and you only need to conduct some searches through the Gaming Journalist Gazette to know how qualified I am exactly.

I can write for video games, but my problem is getting the attention of those who are already in the loop of game development, those who have firm positions in teams and only occasionally look for game writers to join them. I've done online networking, passed out business cards in person, and emailed people countless times, and still, the same wheel gets spun. I haven't gotten my chance.

I'll start posting more on the Gaming Journalist Gazette when people from the Gaming Industry start giving me sufficient motivation for frequently posting gaming content.

For now though I will leave you, the readers, with my feelings on the Gaming Industry and where it's heading. (More pictures to be added soon...)

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