Monday, September 21, 2015

Forgettable Moments In Gaming

A gamer's reaction when things go wrong

We've had moments when we play a game that we otherwise have fond memories of, but these moments usually involve us performing an action with our characters that doesn't go anywhere near as smoothly as we thought. There have been times when we just crush most parts of a level, and then we get to a single obstacle that just stumps us and forces us to lose a life.

It's important for me to note why I put up the link to that gamasutra article featuring Shigeru Miyamoto. Sometimes when we spend too much time trying to figure out how to beat a level in a game, we tend to forget that there other things in the world that we could be doing. The video game will always be there for you to pick up and play again, while some critical life moments won't always be present in comparison. When you're having a bad day as a gamer, just relax in doing other things that don't relate to gaming. There will probably be an awesome sports matchup for you to watch, or there will be newly released music soundtracks that you can't wait to listen to. In summary, just develop interests and get your mind off that frustratingly hard level in your favorite game.

I will run down a list of the more common events in gaming where we as gamers would like to forget.

I endured this...
1) Barrel of Doom - Carnival Night Zone - Sonic 3

Who hasn't endured this moment? There were times when I would just blitz through Sonic 3 and everything was going well for me, and then... the Barrel of Doom happened. I would jump onto this barrel and then, for whatever reason, expect the barrel to just take me down to the next part of Carnival Night Zone. Of course, that was a foolish thing to expect as all I had to do was to constantly press Up and Down on my D-Pad in order to get the Barrel of Doom to move. Clearly moments like this qualify in giving gamers who experience this a dunce cap to wear, but hey, it happens to all of us, right?

This game is... well... brutal...
2) The Entire Game - Battletoads

Though I myself have never played this game (and maybe it's a good thing that I haven't yet?), I have heard countless stories from long-time gamers that Battletoads is by far one of the hardest video games ever made. Undoubtedly a fun gaming experience, Battletoads is a brutal game for any gamer to master, and if anyone is brave enough to endure all the hard crap that comes from this game, then I salute you. There are many things to account for in this game and if you are not precise enough in performing an action, then your Battletoad will comically fall to his death. Be prepared to die hundreds of times here.

Cat Suits and complex levels... Sounds right
3) Champion's Road - Super Mario 3D World

A more recent addition to forgettable moments in gaming would have to be the time when you take your gaming skills to the final level of Super Mario 3D World, which would be Champion's Road. At this point you have clearly rolled with all the punches that this game has given you, and you are prepared to take on the final level, but then you see the design of this level, and you freak out. You lose a bunch of lives in the process, mistime your jumps, bump your head against objects and obstacles, and lose your cool. This last level is especially difficult if you are playing with friends. No matter where you go in Champion's Road you run the risk of getting hit and you have to keep mashing buttons just to keep up with the pace. Thankfully for you, Champion's Road is the final level of the game, so you can relax by popping in a DVD after spending some time failing and then beating the level.

This last level annoyed me...
4) Any Difficulty Level - Cradle - Goldeneye 64

Back when I was a kid, I was a fan of James Bond. These days, however, I'm not at all a fan of James Bond (and no thanks to Daniel Craig, who in my opinion, single-handedly ruined the franchise), but that's besides the point here. I played Goldeneye 64 back in the day and I played the heck out of this game. It was probably one of my favorite shooting games of all-time and it was easy for me to get acquainted with the levels of this game. For the most part, I found the missions of Goldeneye very engaging and entertaining, and these missions kept me hooked, making me want to keep playing.

However, the final level of the Main Campaign, Cradle, annoyed the crap out of me. No matter which difficulty level I set it on, it was always the same. It was the most frustrating experience I ever had while playing a shooting game. We have Alec Trevelyan, formerly Agent 006, who betrayed James Bond earlier in the game, running away from you like a cowardly sissy, and of course, you have to go through his huge army of minions in shootouts while also needing to take out all the turret guns. I can't begin to tell you how many times I died trying to boldly ignore the minions and the turrets. It's to be expected that the final level of a video game is supposed to be the hardest, but my word... it took me days to beat! Needless to say I laughed my butt off when I finally did take out Trevelyan. "HA! Take that! You lost, Trevelyan! How do you like me now?"

Forgettable moments in gaming... Sometimes playing through something just once is enough, isn't it? 

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