Monday, August 3, 2015

Ouya - Aftermath

Well, so much for that "revolution"...

By now I'm sure you all have read articles that indicate the eventual demise of the Ouya game console itself and how Ouya has been acquired by Razer, a company that has its own Android-like game console called the Forge TV. By now I'm certain that all of you who read my blog are curious to know how I feel about this news since it wasn't too long ago that I bought an Ouya game console.

To make a long story short: I'm not even going to dig into the core details of how I feel. I will just say that it is what it is, as par the course of a gaming industry (and a society in general) that flip-flops every few months.

To be honest with you guys, I have encountered a fair share of clunkers when accessing Ouya's game library, and a bit more clunkers than I would have liked to play. I'm not at all saying that all the games you see on the Ouya are bad, awful, terrible or anything like that, but I am saying that there are some games out on the library that had interesting ideas going into development... and they were never really polished enough to feel complete. This is sad since some of the game ideas that I saw were indeed thought-provoking.

For the record, if your game is in the early beta stages and you know it's nowhere near complete, don't even bother putting it out on a platform like the Ouya's game library. You are just wasting a gamer's time when you do that. Finish developing the game first, THEN put it out for gamers to play. It's not hard.

I highly doubt I'll get this Forge TV console
I do take away some interesting things from my experiences playing on the Ouya game console and I do believe that it was a different way to play video games. Contrary to what some may speculate, I won't be giving up my Ouya console. I might as well ride it out as long as Razer will allow and play on the Ouya for as long as possible until everything about its library gets disabled or whatever. Besides, I have until around June/July of 2016 to make use of the Ouya, considering the reports of how Razer intends to handle their new Ouya branch.

As for the Razer Forge TV console itself, I highly doubt I will be getting one. I mean, really, who's to say that Razer will not endure just the same thing that Ouya went through a few years from now? I know that the powers-that-be at Razer will be offering discounts to Ouya owners, and I at least appreciate the fact that they are thinking of Ouya users who are basically being left behind, but honestly, I don't want to start a trend here. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I think the saying goes something like that.

There really isn't much to say anymore about the Ouya, and I doubt I will be updating my readers here on the Gaming Journalist Gazette about Ouya-related news anymore neither. Never say never, of course, but just keep this in mind. I would like to thank the developers of Ouya for at least giving me the chance to play games like Acorn Assault, for example. I would like to get in contact with High Tale Studios if those guys are still around, and possibly even interview them if I'm fortunate enough!

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  1. Hi Steven! I'm one of the developers at High Tale Studios and just came across this posting and yes we are still very much around! Feel free to reach out to me at for an interview.