Monday, July 13, 2015

Hatch-It! On YouTube

First Impressions of Hatch-It!
While I admit that I haven't purchased the game, I have watched some footage on the Apple iOS game Hatch-It! recently, and I have developed an opinion on what I have seen so far from this footage. I will keep this opinion brief, but for starters, I certainly like what I see from the general layout of the game. I especially like how the beginning cutscene of the game plays out. It's an ambitious kind of cartoony that's playful and welcoming for players at first glance.

The colors and graphics of Hatch-It! are simply amazing. The visuals are pleasant to look at and the presentation speaks for itself in the best way possible. It's a puzzle game that pits the player with the challenge of needing to figure out how to hatch dinosaur eggs by moving a robot enough times without losing all of its fuel. This is the kind of puzzle game where there is an added dynamic of strategic positioning, as in every move you make with your robot, it costs you fuel. In other words, you can't just move around for an infinite amount of time. 

The concept of Hatch-It! is kept simple as you race against the clock, in a sense, to hatch all the eggs that are on the board of a level. The quicker you are in completing a level, the more of a time bonus you will receive. There are also star ratings attached to how well you complete a level, which I believe will factor in to what types of rewards you will receive later on in the game. It's challenging, but the fund kind of challenging.

When it comes to what kind of vibe Hatch-It! takes on, I believe that it would be like a cross between Tetris, Yoshi's Island and Space Invaders. The latter vibe comes from the fact that you are controlling a robot. The former vibe comes from the fact that this is a puzzle game, that the player needs to be strategic in certain spots. The vibe in the middle is pretty obvious since we're talking about dinosaurs here, and while I can't prove that these dinosaurs are distant relatives of Yoshi, it's an interesting thought nonetheless.

Gotta like the puns, sunny side up...
I have attached a video above that is the first part of a walkthrough of the game. Check it out for yourselves on YouTube and pay attention to all the unique details of Hatch-It! to see what could possibly be in store for you. If you plan on getting this game, make sure to send Multivarious Games a shoutout for the hard work the development team there put in to make Hatch-It! happen. I have gotten to know some of the people who work at MVG, and they are really creative people who have a lot of aspirations in the Video Game Industry like me. The Buckeye State of Ohio is certainly a state for gaming!

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