Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Ouya Adventure - Part 2

Acorn Assault: Unusually Intriguing
I have more to say about my adventures with the "little engine that could" console called the Ouya, and some of which I believe will be useful to blog readers here. As I mentioned in Part 1, there is a wide variety of games that you can download for free and sit back and play, and I believe that this is a strength of the Ouya. When it comes to having a diverse gaming library that will keep a gamer's interest, I feel that the Ouya does a fine job at this. I like how the Ouya library separates different gaming genres into categories so that the gamer will avoid being confused.

As for the games themselves? There's plenty to talk about, but it's hard for me to just jump in and review a single game. I don't think I can do that at the moment since I get to play many trial sessions of Ouya games. I don't limit my Ouya gaming experience to one game, but there has been one game that I've found unusually intriguing for whatever reason.

That one game would be Acorn Assault. To me, there's just something about this game that makes me want to hop back in and play some more. Just when I think a good 10 minute blitz play of the game is good enough, I'll want to play Acorn Assault for another 10 minutes. I think the last time I played Acorn Assault it was around 30 minutes. When you're talking about casual "on the fly" gaming experiences, this game certainly leaves a good impression.

Acorn Assault is a fun game to play because of the strategy that's involved. You are placing warrior squirrels all across your half of the battlefield and you are trying to destroy your opponent's fortress. What I've come to realize, however, is that playing this game against the computer AI can be tough. I had my computer opponent on the ropes for a few turns, and then out of nowhere, the AI kicks it up a notch and wipes me out, rendering my past good moves useless. I would recommend playing this game with a friend so that the difficulty levels could be evened out.

There are some games in the Ouya library that are familiar faces, such as Tetris variants, Sonic games, GNES (hacking SNES content) and the like. We all know what these games bring to the table. I guess you could say these kinds of games and programs are a much needed bonus.

There was one pinball game that I got into for a little bit. I definitely enjoyed the controls of this pinball game and I found the designs of these animated pinball machines to be pretty unique. I definitely got the feeling of being at the arcade and playing some pinball on the side. However, the developers of this game are pretty strict in limiting your fun in playing pinball for free. The moment you get the high score on a pinball machine, you'll be locked out of it and asked to buy the full version of the game. Sorry, no can do for now.

One game that I was hoping to enjoy but didn't ended up being Party Golf. The concept of a game like this is interesting and it looked like it was more of a free roaming golf experience. However, the controls just didn't work at all. I guess I either didn't perform the actions right on the Ouya controller or something is way off about this game. Party Golf was a party pooper for me, sad to say.

The Ouya Gets Hot... Literally

If I can name one serious setback that you will experience while playing games on the Ouya is that the console itself can heat up very quickly. If you play the Ouya for too long, it will overheat and it will start functioning at slower speeds. I highly recommend that you play the Ouya for no longer than 1 hour per gaming session. Make sure that when you do play games on the Ouya that you give yourself some space between gaming sessions. When I felt the Ouya game console for the first time after playing for around 1 hour and 30 minutes, it was hot, and it took me back by surprise.

Like I said before, the Ouya is a great option for casual gamers and gamers who don't have much time to play during a span of a week. Keep track of how long your Ouya gaming experience is.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had problems with the Party Golf controls :( One of the devs here - I would love to hear what in particular was going wrong for you. Feel free to shoot me a private message or reply here, we would hate for you to miss out on the Party Golf experience just because of some controller issues!