Friday, May 1, 2015

First Look: Pure Pool (PS4)

Pure Pool for the Playstation 4
The first day of May comes with a brief blog update. I would like to provide my initial thoughts on a game that I just recently bought for the Playstation 4, and it's a game that not many people are really talking about. However, having some experience playing pool games and pool mini-games, I figure that it would be unique that I talk about Pure Pool.

Now I have played a few video game versions of pool in the past. I have played Pool Paradise for the Nintendo Gamecube, and let's just say that Pool Paradise was so significantly underwhelming in almost every aspect that I decided to sell the game on eBay. Yeah, it scored that poorly with me. It was just too difficult for me to even shoot the cue ball in the direction that I wanted it to go. Completely ridiculous and horrendous. No wonder Pool Paradise is such an obscure and forgotten title.

Now another game that featured billiards on the Nintendo Gamecube wasn't a game that centered around pool at all, but rather featured pool as a mini-game. Now this was very clever in presentation and its execution was much better than Pool Paradise. Super Monkey Ball 2, which I just reviewed not too long ago, had its own version of pool where Super Monkey Ball characters where placed inside all of the billiards balls, including the cue ball. Depending on the character you chose, you would have a different style of cue ball to play with. Very interesting.

Now here comes Pure Pool for the Playstation 4. Finally, a game that I can see myself investing in for a game console that I bought for $400. Finally, a game that feels worth playing. Finally, a billiards game that has controls that are so sleek and comfortable that I was blown away within the first 5 minutes of playing it. I couldn't believe how smooth this game's controls were, but I was happy about it.

Containing unique challenges and a solid variety of gameplay options even when you first start playing, I firmly believe that I will have a good time playing Pure Pool. Once I get to extensively playing this game, I will surely write a game review on it, which would be my first official Playstation 4 game review article on the Gaming Journalist Gazette. There's an added notch of excitement attached to this experience for obvious reasons, and I can't wait to actually submit the review, so stay tuned!

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