Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why I Want To Get An Ouya

Gut Feeling: Ouya Deserves A Chance
I briefly talked about this in my Year In Review post for 2014, but I made a point of it to mention the Ouya game console because the level of intrigue that I have for this game console right now is pretty high, and high enough to the point where I am strongly considering buying one.

For some time I went back and forth as to whether or not I wanted to give the Ouya a chance. There were times when I focused on the positive feedback the Ouya got, and there were times when the cons outweighed the pros. I believe I have given the Ouya enough time to marinate on the video game barbeque grill in the market to come up with a decision of my own, and while I value the opinions of other gamers, it really comes down to how I feel about the product. Let me run down a few reasons why I will buy an Ouya when I have the opportunity.

The Ouya Gaming Environment is Comfortable For Me

I consider this to be a key reason. If the gaming environment surrounding a console (or general platform) doesn't feel right, then there's no point in playing on that platform. While the Ouya doesn't come across as flashy to me in overall strength, it doesn't need to be. My main motivation for being a gamer is to just play games. It doesn't matter to me how awesome the graphics look or how much technology actually goes into a developed video game.  If the games play right, then what's not to like? If I can find some sources of enjoyment and inspiration in some Ouya games, then that's really what matters to me.

A wide variety of options

Ouya Has Variety and Creativity

While Ouya never guarantees to have newly released blockbuster games on their console, the wide range of variety in the Ouya gaming experience can't be ignored. Variety can be a huge plus for me as a gamer if that variety is executed right. I don't necessarily look for the games that everyone else is playing, but rather I'm more like a scavenger hunter. I like to dig up the diamonds in the rough, so to speak.

If I find a game that not everybody is familiar with, but it's a game that I feel deserves more recognition for its creativity and uniqueness, then I will invest in that game and try to showcase it on platforms like this blog.

I'm not a game designer by any means, but I also appreciate the fact that the Ouya gives gamers the tools to create their own games if they are willing to take out the time to do so. These game developing tools are available on the Ouya console itself, which I find fascinating. User-generated content is sometimes undervalued and unappreciated, and using the Ouya to make games can highlight a gamer's creativity.

The Ouya Makes Good Economic Sense

In my case, I also need to consider my current economic situation as a gamer. It's obvious that I am not in the best shape when it comes to economics, so I can't just buy anything video game-related. I need to be wise with my money and resources. I need to be careful with what gaming content I invest in or else I may come away feeling that I made a bad purchase. It was hard enough for me to pay $400 to acquire a Playstation 4, and while I don't regret buying the PS4, I will admit that I have had a very limited experience playing games on this console. It's been very hard for me to find a PS4 game that I actually want to thoroughly invest in right now.

Whereas in comparison, the Ouya is much more affordable and doesn't give me as big an economic hit. The normal buying price for an Ouya is $99, which is much more reasonable in this day and age where so many people are having trouble just getting by with however little money they have left in their bank accounts. Game development companies really shouldn't expect every gamer to just throw out their hard earned money for every game that they see on store shelves. We are in a different time now in the 2010's.  

A basic rundown of the Ouya controller

The Ouya Feels Special In One Sense

Some may consider this to be an odd reason for why I want to get an Ouya, but let me explain. Considering how much this little cube console has been promoted, when was the last time we ever saw something unique console-wise created by some company not named Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft?  It's been a long time, hasn't it?

I think inadvertently the creators of Ouya have helped bring an issue to light. Ever since Sega called it quits with the Dreamcast and stopped making consoles, the Video Game Industry has basically been a 3-way monopoly between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. These companies have pretty much gone unchallenged by anyone else in the console-making department. Is Ouya direct competition? No, because the Ouya speaks a different "console language" than the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One. However, there is a specific audience that the Ouya could probably target and attract if they try hard enough, and that would be the poor and less privileged gaming audience. 

Not everyone can afford a Wii U, a PS4 or an Xbox One. That's a fact. Many people still want to be gamers but they aren't willing to pay loads of money just to get one of these consoles. Unless these gamers love PC gaming, where exactly do these gamers turn to? This is why in one sense the Ouya might become special.

I wouldn't necessarily call the Ouya a poor gamer's console, but it's more flexible and accessible for everybody. Playing an Ouya game seems to be something you can easily transition into even if you quickly blitz through something.


  1. I'm glad to see some more positive words on the OUYA. I've been a huge supporter of the system since my backer console arrived two years ago, and it's the best $100 I've ever spent. Between the games designed for it and stuff that runs perfectly sideloaded, there's a lot of fun to be had on it.

    1. Hey Jeremy, thanks for your reply! I'm glad you liked my article! Feel free to comment on other GJG topics and encourage other people to comment!