Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sources of Gaming Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms for gamers, game designers and game journalists. Our sources of inspiration are not all the same, nor were they created equally. Some of us immediately get inspired by certain things to create new game concepts, and some of us are late bloomers, as in our game ideas don't really hit us until the right moments.

What inspires a gamer to play a game? The sense of having his or her imagination play out while playing. Suspending one's disbelief and immersing oneself into the game, embracing the experience. Why do gamers play games? They want to have fun and they want to socialize. That is the simplest answer.

What inspires a game designer to design an interesting game? Experiences that occur outside the game world. Yes, you can find inspiration after you put down the console controller or leave your gaming PC. There is a whole world out there that you can analyze and take notes on. Look around you. Some simple things may catch your eye and some complex things may grab your attention. Consider Shigeru Miyamoto as one example. The core concepts of the game Pikmin started in Miyamoto's backyard while he was gardening. Just right there, an idea for a new video game was created.

What inspires game journalists to write their gaming content? I have already provided some answers on this blog, but let me tap into this topic again. It's not just about being a game journalist in my case. It's mainly about producing honest journalism. To the best of my ability, I always try to write solid content for my readers on this blog and elsewhere.

Many people over recent years have claimed that there is no such thing as honest journalism anymore, and to an extent, I sadly somewhat agree. However, that doesn't mean that honest journalism can never be produced again. No matter what platform you write for, whether it's for video games, tech, entrepreneurship, business, sports, etc. you should feel obligated to reporting the truth. You should feel motivated and inspired to telling people how you truly feel on subjects instead of artificial PR responses and nonsensical gossip.

Sources of inspiration. What exactly are these sources? Where can you go to find your sources of inspiration? Can you just find them while you play a game? Or can you venture into the real world and extensively pick out which themes you want to highlight in a new game concept? It depends on how much of an explorer you are and how ambitious you want to be when creating something. There is no right or wrong way to find your gaming inspiration.

Sources if inspiration can come from a variety of places. They can come from the most mundane and uninteresting activities that we perform in real life. They can come from the highest points of fun in real life. They can come from the most unique moments of our lives and they can come from the lowest points of our lives. They can come from something your friends have done or they can come from something your family members have done.

No matter where your sources of gaming inspiration comes from, always find the motivation. Always find something that you can hang on to for development plans because you just might need them for the critical parts of your gaming experience.

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