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The Randy Randomness Hour (Pilot Episode Part 4)

The Randy Randomness Hour
Pilot Episode Part 4

Coming back from the commercial break, the camera pans over to a far corner of the stage where a kitchen table has been set up. This table has all sorts of food and ingredients, including the one special ingredient that is cinnamon. Randy Randomness, Allen Armadillo and the 3rd and final guest of the show Chef Cinnamonman all approach the table wearing chef hats and chef aprons. Allen and the chef are wearing normal attires while Randy is wearing an over the top attire, featuring a zig-zag pattern and fuzzy dice apron and a smiley face hat. The jazz band play their tune and the crowd gives them a round of applause.

Randy Randomness: Welcome back to a show that's been up and down like a roller coaster! The Randy Randomness Hour, the first pilot hour, is almost in the books but we haven't slid down the flagpole like Super Mario yet! Here's our third and final guest tonight! Give it up for Chef Cinnamonman! 

Chef Cinnamonman: Hey there all! Thanks for having me on the show! 

Randy: So before we begin here, how'd you get your name?

Cinnamonman: Well, it's a long story but I'll make it a short story so it won't be boring! I love cinnamon and spices and I just went inside the kitchen one day and started cooking! Nearly blew up the whole house the first time I tried, but culinary school straightened me out! 

Allen Armadillo: I shutter to think of having you cook in my kitchen! 

Randy: So what are you going to cook for us, Chef?

Cinnamonman: Well, I'll be cooking up a Vanilla Mango Pie with Cinnamon! 

Randy: Rats! No apple pie! 

Allen: Oh well! 

Cinnamonman: I got the ingredients on this table here and I'd like for you guys to help out! Now we start with the pie crust, nearly rounded out with pure authentic dough and we're gonna dump a full cup of vanilla extract into it! 

Randy: A BUTTON! *dumps the cup of vanilla extract into the pie crust*

Allen: Why do we need this much vanilla extract?

Cinnamonman: The vanilla extract is the base that'll hold in all the other flavors, and we'll also sprinkle sugar cubes into the pie crust to liven up the vanilla extract! Go take some sugar cubes! 

Randy: *takes some sugar cubes and eats them*

Allen: I don't think that's what he meant! 

Randy: *takes some more sugar cubes* *sprinkles them into the pie crust* Hey look! It's snowing! 

Allen: More like a rough hale storm!

Cinnamonman: Good! Now we have in this here bowl chunks of fresh mango that have been condensed into... some sort of mush! We're gonna get a big fat wooden spoon and scoop up this mush, and then place it inside the pie crust! 

Allen: *scoops the mango mush with a big wooden spoon and plops it into the pie crust* There we go! 

Cinnamonman: Now mix it in with the sugar cubes once you get enough mango chunks in there! 

Allen: *plops in more mango chunks* *mixes and stirs*

Randy: Rotate the Playstation control sticks, Allen! Mix! Stir! MIX! STIR! 

Allen: This is coming together very nicely! 

Cinnamonman: *gets out containers of brown sugar and cinnamon* Randy, take pinches of brown sugar and cinnamon out of these containers and sprinkle them over the mango chunks! 

Randy: *sprinkles some brown sugar and cinnamon into the pie* How much?

Cinnamonman: 5 pinches each! 

Randy: *10 pinch combo into the pie* *5 pinch combo on Allen*

Allen: OW! WATCH IT! 

Cinnamonman: There! Great! We'll put that into the oven at 300 degrees for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and when we take it out... *gets out a pre-made Vanilla Mango Pie from the oven* ...we get this! *cuts up 3 slices of pie and serves them on plates* Here ya go! 

Randy: *takes a bite* Um... How should I describe this? Um... This is pretty delicious, dude! 

Allen: *takes a bite* Wow! It exceeded my expectations!

Cinnamonman: Glad you two like it! I'll give everyone here in San Antonio a copy of my cookbook titled "Leveling Up With Gaming Cuisine" and you all can try out my awesome recipes! 

Crowd: *round of applause* WOOOOO!!!

Randy: Well, I hate to do this but I think we're out of time for the Pilot Episode of The Randy Randomness Hour! I'd like to thank all of our guests and I'd like to thank all of you, fans of San Antonio, Texas! I appreciate San Antonio for being the first home of this show and... 

Suddenly emerging from the curtains, John Doe and Captain Obvious start chasing Randy with hammers from the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. Shocked to see this, Randy starts circling around the chef's table and then runs all over the stage in ridiculously hilarious fashion. John Doe and Captain Obvious take some good swings of their hammers and laugh as they watch Randy scramble. The San Antonio crowd members burst into laughter.   

Randy: HEY! STOP IT! I did nothing to you guys! Quit chasing me with hammers! AHHHHH!!! ALLEN! HELP! 

Allen: Now that's what I call entertainment! See ya later, guys! 

[/End of Episode 1]

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