Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Randy Randomness Hour (Pilot Episode Part 2)

The Randy Randomness Hour
Pilot Episode Part 2

*From Commercial Break*

The camera pans back to the host's desk where Randy Randomness sits and the jazz band plays in the background. Once the band stops playing, Randy waves hello.

Randy Randomness: Hey everybody! Welcome back! Due to my producer pushing me it's time for us to go to our next segment! Now this'll be a fun game for us gamers... or at least I hope so when I tell you all about it! 

Allen Armadillo: You sound unsure about this game! 

Randy: *jumps out of his desk and runs to the backstage curtain* 

Allen: What are you doing?  

Randy: *gets out a Jumbo Playstation 4 controller* Look at this guy! It's a jumbo-sized controller and this will be at the core of this little game! It's called Window Washing and 2 members of the crowd need to work together to get the windows washed! Ain't that fun?

Crowd: *many fans start raising their hands*

Allen: So this is a Co-Op Game? Not one-on-one?

Randy: Nope! Window cleaning people work together! Here are the rules! Player 1 presses the X button to jump and Player 2 presses the Circle button to wipe the windows! Both players use the Control Sticks! Who's ready? 

Crowd: Here! Here! Over here! Pick me! Randy! Me! 

Randy: *runs up to the crowd* Hmmm... I'll pick you, the tall blonde lady in pink! And... you! Yeah! You! Super Mario hat guy in the 3rd row! Come on down! 

2 crowd members, a tall blonde lady in pink and a guy wearing a Super Mario hat, come down on stage to face the Jumbo PS4 controller and they look at the screen. Window Washing boots up and the crowd cheers on 2 of their own. Randy whistles out a tune.

Randy: Oh, before you begin, just know that flying objects will try to hurt you guys! 5 hits and you lose! Ready? Set! KABLAM!

A game of Window Washing begins and the 2 crowd members begin pushing the buttons and moving the Control Sticks. The 2 Window Washers proceed to clean 5 windows without getting hit. However, the falling objects, such as shoes, dive bombing birds and anvils, start to clutter the playing field, making it more difficult for the 2 Window Washers. The lady in pink presses the X button to jump over the falling objects and the Super Mario hat guy presses Circle to wipe the windows. They end up cleaning 12 of 14 windows before getting hit a combined 5 times. The crowd awes in response to their loss.

Randy: Oh! Too bad! So Close! Man, I though you guys were gonna clean all those windows! Well, you guys won't go empty handed! You'll take home these consolation prizes! 

Randy gets out Strategy Guides for Watchdogs on PS4 and he gives them to the lady and the Super Mario hat guy.

Randy: Give 'em a big round of applause! 

Crowd: *big round of applause* YAY! WOOOOO!!!

Randy: So what do you guys think of that game? Window Washing? Will it be a great Mini-Game for a PS4 franchise in the future? Dunno! Allen! Your thoughts?

Allen: Why did they need to use a jumbo-sized PS4 controller to play the game? A controller 5 times bigger than their hands?

Randy: It's nonsensical! Just like this show! We'll be back! 

*commercial break*

(Commercial - Randy selling a product)

Randy: Howdy folks! Randy Randomness here! Now are you ready to buy something that's clear of copyright violation, satisfactory to your gaming needs and does NOT include batteries? It's called... drum roll..... COMMON SENSE! Now common sense tells you not to jump over that bottomless pit, not hit that wall of spikes nor miss that halfway checkpoint! It's better than a cheat code and you don't need to buy it as a DLC package! COMMON SENSE! Only $5 in Monopoly money! Wait! It's free? 

*end commercial*                     

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