Thursday, September 25, 2014

Steven Vitte's Vision (Chart Part 4)

An overview of the progress I would like to make with a few characters

Here is another brief update on the UX Design part of my custom game project. This is more basic in description compared to the other charts that I have shown in the other 3 parts but even without the connecting lines you still get a general idea of where this custom game series of mine is intending to go as far as some of its characters are concerned. When you introduce the very first game of your video game franchise, it is preferred that you start out light and that you don't try to cram so much into the first game since you are still in the experimental phases of the franchise. The first game of a series is really a testing ground for how the rest of the series is going to develop. Some of the features that you had in the first game will fare very well with gamers, but there will be some features that gamers may not necessarily gravitate towards, and with this you need to figure out why that is the case.

As you can see on this chart, I progress the supporting characters of the main character slowly, but you do indeed get the assurance that these other characters are progressing towards more meaningful roles in the franchise. As a side character here, you start out as Non-Playable on your own accord in the 1st game's Story Mode to gaining more freedom in the 2nd game's Story Mode and then you gain a bit more freedom in the 3rd game's Story Mode. This is done in a way to move you along as a character once the game developers know how to handle every facet of the interesting character that you are.

Many main characters of a video game franchise have a supporting group to speak up, and not just a supporting group where they stand around and cheer the main character on. Some parts of the supporting group are meant to get out there on the field of play along with the main character and help that hero out. Replayability becomes key when you consider the amount of playable characters you have for a Story Mode. As long as the characters are presented to be fun to play as and as long as they serve a real purpose for wanting to be around the main character, there will be a way for developers to make the side characters stand out in the Story Mode experience.

When you look at gaming fan bases, you never see a single fan base gravitate just towards the main character of a series 100% of the time. There are plenty of fans who support the use of side characters and these fans develop an interest in the sidekicks of the gaming world. It really is about core development with these characters. It's about the presentation of these side characters. When a gamer gets the sense that a side character is making positive progress in the playable character department, then it's impossible to see how this can be considered a bad thing.

Note: I am looking for animators who could provide help in designing a short trailer video for this custom game project of mine. If you are an animator and you're interested in what you see with this project, feel free to contact me at

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