Thursday, August 7, 2014

Steven Vitte's Vision (Chart Part 3)


(Idea officially owned by Steven Vitte via copyright)

Here's another chart that I have made that describes the game mechanics for the main character of my hypothetical game concept. This chart is easy to skim through and understand in the sense of what will be required of the player to do once he or she starts controlling this heroic character. The visuals are basic and pinpoint the abilities of our main character. Part of the catch behind these charts is being able to explain what is going on in these charts. Of course, it was a nice touch to feature a stick figure person in the center of this chart, but this serves as a symbol for the main character whom we are encircling with gameplay moves.

Assigning buttons for different actions in gameplay is indeed challenging and you need to be able to figure out which button will have which duties to perform. You can't overlap certain actions over each other and you can't locate actions on buttons that don't translate well at all to the flow of gameplay. For example, on the Playstation 4, you wouldn't assign a fighting action for the Circle button and then assign a nearly identical fighting action with the R1 button. That isn't what I would want to do in any case.

There are plenty of game development companies out there right now that still don't know what to do with the functions of the Playstation 4 although they are experimenting at this point in time. When you design a game and you go for a moveset your main character (s) can abide by, then putting in a specific set of rules that is kept simple is the way to go, especially if someone is going through this game development process the first time. Take some time skimming through this chart and compare it to the other 2 charts I have shown you earlier. Have fun imagining the possibilities!

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