Sunday, July 13, 2014

Steven Vitte's Vision (Flowchart Part 2)


Idea Officially Owned By Steven Vitte

Here is another short, abbreviated blog entry but I will describe what is going on with this flowchart. Like the flowchart you saw on July 1, this is another representation of a vision for a new video game idea that can be flexible for other media forms. This flowhcart is a Hypothetical Fan Reaction Survey that pinpoints what kind of audience I would like to see develop from the hypothetical release of this game.

In this chart, I also go into detail as to what my created main protagonist is really about. I talk about the character traits that my custom protagonist shares with well known, established characters in the Video Game Industry, what he has in common with the well known stars and what differentiates him from them. I basically go into different forms of asking Who, When, Where, What,Why and How and I make a percentage of how fans should feel when they take in the experience of my proposed video game.

Marketing is obviously an important thing when it comes to strategically positioning your game franchise for success and I try the best I can to go into that with this flowchart. There's more to developing a game than just the core development process. There are variables on the outside, such as reliable marketing strategies, that can help propel a video game franchise. Wise marketing certainly helps after all. To have a vision for an idea, you have to know what you're aiming for. You have to know which audience you're aiming towards when you put a game out on the market. You have to know what you want the world of your created main protagonist to be like. You have to know what kind of protagonist you have in your created character.

Once you have the ground rules established for the world your main character is in and once you know which kinds of gaming audiences you want to market your game to, it becomes easier for you to plan out what you want to do to push your vision forward. Click the link above and feel free to let me know how you feel about the vision that I have. I have yet to disclose anything about my script that is connected to this, but I'd rather keep that a secret for now as a precaution.

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