Monday, June 9, 2014

"The Grind" (GJG Update)

Where have I been? Well, I'm going to explain.

The funniest thing happened while experiencing certain things during the month of May, and that happened to be the fact that real life has really consumed my everyday activities. I have been very focused on some of my written work in the span of Mid-May to now and I have spent a ton of time revising and adding extra scenes to one of my scripted works that I just haven't had time to add anything to this blog that I hope you have found wonderful.

Rest assured I am not going anywhere. The Gaming Journalist Gazette isn't going away. If I can help it, I will make sure that this blog excels and thrives and reaches its deserved destination. However, there have been (and still are) more pressing needs that need addressing and it requires my time to contribute to those pieces of work. This is how some writers operate. They have to go to work. They have to spend more time than usual on certain projects in order to get them off the ground.

They have to be able to diversify and not just work on scripts specifically. I got that hint from a guy I consider to be my friend and this guy happens to be involved in the Video Game Industry in some capacity. I will keep his identity hidden for now but this guy was the one who responded to me in an email and set the record straight for me in certain areas. I have indeed taken his advice and I have contributed in general writing, such as submitting a compilation of poetry samples to a publishing company. I am awaiting word back from this publishing company and it will take some time, so for those of you reading this blog please hold out hope that my poetry will get off the ground and be published.

I have skimmed through the Gaming Journalist Gazette blog on occasion during my brief hiatus away and I have constantly had the itch to put in a new blog entry, but the thing is, times are tough for me right now and it's hard to be in numerous places at once. In fact, it's pretty much impossible. I am going through what some people call "The Grind", as in a stretch of time when things (writing projects) get really elevated and require extra bits of time. It happens to many writers and especially to those who are still looking for their first breaks.

I have also submitted a synopsis to a comic book company. It is a goal of mine to break through into some form of writing position for somebody, and I am holding out hope that the door will be open for me in the Comic Book Industry. It's a lot to hope for because many comic book companies, as of today, intentionally keep their doors shut to potential new writers. You can count on a long list of comic book companies that DON'T accept any scripts of any sort from writers, and right off the bat the search for an outlet in this field becomes discouraging. Thankfully I have found one company that does review synopsis material and scripts, so let's hold out hope that this company will see something in the proposal I sent them.

In other news, there's a kickstarter out there for people to look at...

Kickstarter - Hatch-it by Multivarious Games 

I have been kept in close contact with one of the talented people working on this project and I believe it would be a good idea to show you guys what this game development team is up to. This is a game called Hatch-it! This is a whimsical puzzle game where you must work fast, smart and creatively as a giant asteroid threatens to destroy a civilization of dinosaurs. 50 levels spread out through 5 distinct areas and plenty of intriguing challenges that come with the puzzle gameplay.

The artwork of this game looks amazing and I love the entire setup of Hatch-it! Now I would like to get a response from you readers in some way, as in a donation, even if minimal. Multivarious Games is a company based in Columbus, Ohio and they could use some help in taking this project to certain heights. It has a $15,000 kickstarter goal and with everything that I have seen, I believe this is worth the investment. I believe this is a project worth funding, especially for the gamers that are puzzle game enthusiasts.

Some of the work involving my "Grind" relates to my contact with a Multivarious Games official and I have been contributing my own scripted work for him to evaluate. This is definitely an interesting time for someone like me and I hope that you will like what you see when you visit the Hatch-it! kickstarter page.

One last update... I got a Sony Playstation 4 recently and I'm not afraid to use it. Plenty of game reviews and gaming news is sure to come in the coming months, Gazette readers. Stay tuned! *cue dramatic cinema music*

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