Saturday, May 3, 2014

Steven Vitte's Creative Side (On One Platform)

First and foremost, what I want to hit on with this blog is the fact that I am an aspiring writer who is trying to get things established in general media forms, and hopefully the Video Game Industry will be one of those media forms that I will be able to venture into some day. While I have my strengths in journalistic writing, the fact of the matter is that the bread and butter of my writing abilities revolves around scriptwriting and general story writing.

People who create content such as sample scripts, short stories, poetry making and the like need a platform to perform on. They need a stage that they can call theirs, and they need a stage where they can hopefully get noticed by others. There is the hope that other people will get to see what the content creators see because there are visions set in front of the content creators as to what they want to put out there for the public.

For me, Steven Vitte, I am using a variety of platforms to get my personal work noticed and I am hoping that people will get to help me along the way. I am hoping that people will understand that visions that I have for my scripts and scenes and I hope that they will grow to like the ideas behind my stories. When it comes to the website link I put up above, I find it very interesting that this platform allows people to be creative as well as collaborate with other people who specialize in a variety of areas.

HitRECord is a program established by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who played John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises) and he has helped provide an outlet for people who wish to be creative with their talents to get their stuff out there so that a great range of people all over the world can see. If certain albums or projects are seen as good enough by people, then they will get votes of approval (the heart symbol in the top right corner of submitted documents), and collaborations are made to push forward projects so that they will get noticed all the more.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself will post topics that will challenge content creators to perform tasks related to their fields of specialties and the end results are usually very memorable. I have been keeping a close eye on for some time now and I believe that this is the kind of outlet that I can use to bring attention to the my projects. However, I am also intending to provide help to those who need it considering that I make story-related details and such. If anyone is in need of story elements and ideas, I'd be willing to help them as long as I find their projects interesting enough.

Now what I want from you guys, the readers of the Gaming Journalist Gazette, is to evaluate the albums that I put on, whatever they may be (scripts or short stories), and I want to receive important and serious feedback from you. Comment below this post, email me at, message me on the official Game Writers group page on Facebook, etc. and let me know what it is that I'm doing right and what it is that I'm doing wrong. If you are interested in helping me out on any of my hitrecord projects, then contact me and form a collaboration with me.

I know that this post is short in comparison to many of my other posts, but I will let my hitrecord page do the talking for the time being. 

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