Saturday, January 4, 2014

Introduction - Steven Vitte

Hello. My name is Steven Vitte and I would like to introduce you to the Gaming Journalist Gazette blog. I will be providing you news articles that are related to the field of video games. I will be providing opinions on various topics, ranging from single reviews of video games to in-depth discussions on topics that are important in the Video Game Industry. For those of you who are avid gamers and you just want to read a blog that can possibly be thought-provoking and unique in tone, then I surely hope that the Gaming Journalist Gazette will be the blog for you. I am not a one-dimensional news reporter on video game topics. While I will be reviewing games, I will also be tackling topics that will dissect the core of game development.

I have over 3 years of experience in blog journalism. I used to be a near daily correspondent for my local baseball team in that span of time and it was definitely a fun experience. Getting out to the ballpark and reporting on what I saw on a game-by-game basis, and even during the offseason, gave me help in the fact that I was able to develop social skills, interacting with other people and developing a better understanding of how the business of baseball (in the minor league and in the collegiate league forms) actually worked. I received a good amount of knowledge in how a business in general operates.

However, baseball isn't my only passion. I have a passion for playing video games and this will be the blog where I feel I will get to branch out and interact with a wide variety of people who are "inside the loop", so to speak. It is my intention to develop a network of sorts with people who are involved in the Video Game Industry and I believe the Gaming Journalist Gazette will be that outlet to spark discussions with such people. I have a passion for the Video Game Industry itself and I have always been interested in how and why the industry develops in the way that it does.

Journalism in the Video Game Industry involves official game reviewing groups such as GameTrailers, Gaming Nexus, IGN, Game Informer that will review games and give out scores that are supposed to reflect on the quality of the reviewed games. What you are about to read in the Gaming Journalist Gazette is a different kind of reviewing style. You will be reading a relaxed perspective on how well a game performed and you will not be detecting any sort of bias pointed towards either side of the coin. I would like for my reviews to come across as genuine and friendly and if they end up causing a stir for whatever reason, then  I would hope it would be for the right reasons. The reviews are in good fun after all.

I will be talking about video game characters, what makes a character work, what makes a character appealing to fans, what is needed to make the character proceed in a series and what made a character successful or unsuccessful. Not every video game character will be able to stand out and win over the hearts of gamers, but it's not often that people raise the question of why. Why didn't this one character get over as a franchise-carrying figure? Why did this character touch base with so many fans? One part of the equation that I will point out in most cases would be the gameplay controls of a character, but there is more to a character than just how it plays.

I am also intending to interview people who are in the Video Game Industry and the interviews will be conducted on the internet. Once the interviews are wrapped up they will be posted here for fans to read and it is my hope that you will really enjoy these interviews because I will try to ask questions that the people I interview will like. One part of journalism in general is the act of interviewing people and this is one part of the experience that I would like to have. I know that having these interviews would inform me on the ins and outs of the Video Game Industry and it would give me a better idea of what to expect in the industry. I would appreciate having the opportunity to interact with various members of game development teams such as Producers, Lead Designers, Level Designers, Software Engineers, Concept Artists, Game Testers, Voice Actors and so on.

The Gaming Journalist Gazette will also feature the marketing side of the Video Game Industry and I will get into topics that relate to promoting gaming products. For example, video game commercials are great to talk about because they will give you the first exposure to a brand new product. You will get your first glimpse of what the newest game will be like in the commercial and it will be up to the consumer what he or she thinks of the product before the release of a demo version of the game. Marketing is an important part of game sales, so I will be commenting on the presentation of games and gaming products in this sense. 

I like to write in general. I like to write news articles in the journalistic style but my strongest passion is to write scripts. I have always been interested in writing scripts and I have a ton of fun going through the entire process. I naturally like to tell stories and I believe that my past journalism experience does help in some ways. I have watched countless movies that have great depth to them so I have a clear idea of how a story should progress. Writing should be, at its core, fun and it should be something that you enjoy. No matter what field you are in, whether you are in the Video Game Industry, the Comic Book Industry, the Movie Industry or anything else, you should feel happy to do the work that you do.

You should love what you do and you should appreciate and respect your own work as a writer. It's hard for some writers to blossom and move forward in the business of video games for a variety of reasons but for those who are successful, they can communicate with the rest of the development team well and they get their messages across well enough for the team as a whole to flow. Writers have deadlines to meet and they will have to go through some revisions of their scripts, which is to be expected. Writing for video games is a different animal compared to other forms of writing because there are certain strategies video game writers use that can't be used by writers in other media forms. There is that saying "Write for the ear, and not for the eye".

As for me, Steven Vitte, I happen to be an Average Joe kind of guy in the state of Ohio, which isn't exactly a hotbed for the Video Game Industry, although I believe it has a minimal presence. I wouldn't consider myself an obsessed fanatic of a series and I never get obsessed to the point where I "cosplay" as a custom animal character. If there's one thing that I could never understand about gaming conventions, then it would have to be the excessive need to play Dress Up. I am what I am and I'm happy just being myself. I don't feel like I need to being something else to have a gaming experience.

I want to be a part of a multiplayer party game, but I don't see myself as the life of that party game. I'm more of a quiet fan who lets his words (such as here on the blog) do the talking for him. I am a kind and respectful person and I do have a mental condition, but it doesn't prevent me from functioning. I'm not sure when I should disclose that mental condition but I think it's something that better explains some of my reactions towards some things. Some fans would already know what I'm talking about if they happen to have that same mental condition as mine.

Be assured that this will be a fun time for you when you start reading this blog. I hope you enjoy reading the Gaming Journalist Gazette as much as I will enjoy writing in it. Enjoy your stay.

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